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Sirius Quartet Press Quotes

“Seriously exciting, tuneful, sophisticated music. They’re the rare newschool chamber ensemble who can strike a chord with fans of heavy rock, psychedelia and jazz in addition to the indie classical crowd… there hasn’t been a string quartet album this exciting released in many months.” – New York Music Daily

“A unique blend of composition and improvisation… tasteful and inventive.” – DownBeat Magazine

“These are musicians who enter the very grain of the wood of their instruments… Each time their music is heard one can’t help being impressed by their devilishly good virtuosity.” – The Whole Note

“A string quartet with a difference… Its genre mix of odd meters, dissonance, romantic harmonies, jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms and abstract free improvisation gives the players ample opportunity to display both precision and reckless abandon… somewhere between the jazz focus of the Turtle Island Quartet and the New Music focus of the Kronos Quartet.” – All About Jazz

Gregor Huebner Press Quotes

“Gregor Huebner’s violin brings a yearning passion to both the music of Eastern Europe and the sounds of Latin America … but it is in his tunes that his enthusiasm and care for tradition truly bursts forth.”
The New York City Jazz Record, November 2016

Huebner’s richly lyrical String Quartet #4 op44, The Wollheim Quartet” earns the group its stripes as a “serious string quartet”.  — Downbeat Magazine, September 2016

“Huebner’ 125th Street pulsed with incandescent jazz solos. The effect of these improvised passages felt far from random: Bound into a tightly  constructed — and unmistakably modern — musical architecture , each breakout solo seemed as inevitable as it was spontaneous”. — Wall Street Journal, May 2008

“Cardenes and violist Tatjana Mead Chamis were soloists in German Jazz violinist Gregor Huebner’s “New York Stories”. Joined at the hip musically, the two not only captured the essence of this light, descriptive piece but also made there own interaction, a game-within- a-game for our enjoyment.”
— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 2004

“He is now an experienced composer and with his musical depth and temperament he is able to bridge the frontiers between classical and contemporary repertory.”
Dennis Russell Davies

“I am favorably impressed by your composition “In Memoriam Bela” as a whole.”
Peter Bartok

Beirach / Huebner / Mraz Duo and Trio
What is encouraging about this recital is that the players have not merely attempted a pastiche of Monteverdi, Palestrina, Schütz, Gesualdo and the like: they have respected the humanity of the music and brought their own to it. Maybe the best of the series to date – Keith Sadwick, Guardian 2003

The group led by violinist Gregor Huebner on New York NRG Quartet creates some of the most ‘conventional’ jazz sounds of all the recordings in this grouping, but the music is no less striking for it. There’s some beautiful solo work by pianist Luis Perdomo (most known for his work with Ravi Coltrane and Miguel Zenon) and certainly by the leader. Born in Germany but now living in New York, Huebner is a virtuoso with broad experience in large and small classical ensembles, as well as in a variety of other settings. The music here is multi-faceted and reflects both the leader’s compositional skills and his ear for the works of others – notably Miles Davis, Kurt Weill, Richie Beirach and drummer Billy Hart who, along with bassist Hans Glawischnig, anchors the rhythm section.” — ALL ABOUT JAZZ, October 2008

“…vital, rich-hued solo playing by Gregor Hübner.” — The New York Times, December 2007

“Two terrific guests shared in the belated festivities at Birdland NY – trumpeter Randy Brecker and the violinist Gregor Huebner. … These stunning, seemingly effortless endeavors were punctuated by exquisite soloing by Huebner.” — All About Jazz

“Violinist Hübner has a great sound plus a ‘correct’ way of phrasing that both Leroy Jenkins and Eddie South. His improvisations were technically stunning as well as musically rewarding.” – Jazzwise (UK) December 2001

“Huebner is a first rate pianist and violinist. His keyboards are expansive and percussive a la Jamal and Hankock. Huebner’s playing is something else, romantic yet audacious. What really jumps out here is the depth of Huebner’s musical ideas. He doesn’t sound like anyone else.” —  JazzTimes

Richie Beirach/Gregor Huebner Press Quotes

“Puis le violoniste Gregor Huebner, bientôt avec le seul soutien de la batterie. La pochette de Live at Birdland New York, enregistré dans le célèbre club les 25 et 26 août 2012, met en avant les noms de Beirach et Huebner, signe d’une collaboration depuis plus de vingt ans, mais c’est bien d’un allant collectif qu’il s’agit ici. En six plages, longues, mais sans longueurs”
Sylvain Siclier, Le Monde

If you like exciting, small group jazz, played by absolute masters at the peak of their art, and if you are planning to buy only one CD this year, then make it this one. For this disc – issued to mark the 70th birthday of pianist Beirach and the 50th of violinist Huebner – is the most engaging small group recording I’ve heard in recent times.”
John Watson, Jazzcamera UK

“Le strutture armoniche di Bach e Bartòk veicolano improvvisazioni assai fluide, e se il trio pianistico prende il sopravvento per lunghi tratti, sono gli interventi del violinista tedesco e di un Randy Brecker in gran forma a far drizzare le orecchie, per un album che evita la benchè minima traccia di noia per tutta la sua durata.

Incisione naturale, e tentazione di premere immediatamente il tasto repeat dopo l’ultimo applauso degli avventori del Birdland.”
Fabio Chiarini, Tracce di Jazz


El Violin Latino Press Quotes

“As close to reality is that Gregor Huebner has an emotional spiritual versatility that leads him to make wonderful performances, with his violin, chamber music, orchestral and bands. What is sensational Latin Jazz”.
Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe March 2016