June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017

Gregor Huebner News

Dear Friends,

I am deeply honored to be the recipient of the Grand Prize for New York Philharmonic’s New World Initiative Composition Challenge for my composition “New World, Nov 9. 2016.” I will be recognized at the Parks concert Wednesday, June 14 in Central Park at 7pm.

Sirius Quartet will be performing the piece at Club Bonafide in NYC on Thursday, June 15 at 9:30pm and at The Garage on Friday, June 16 at 7pm.

In celebration of Richie Beirach’s 70th and my 50th birthday ACT released the album Richie Beirach & Gregor Huebner Live at Birdland New York. The reviews came rolling in and we are proud of the response. Here’s a great quote.

“If you like exciting, small group jazz, played by absolute masters at the peak of their art, and if you are planning to buy only one CD this year, then make it this one. For this disc – issued to mark the 70th birthday of pianist Beirach and the 50th of violinist Huebner – is the most engaging small group recording I’ve heard in recent times.”
John Watson Jazzcamera UK

Lastly, I want to thank you all for the financial support of El Violin Latino – Vol. 3: The Cuba Volume. The new album is a GO!

Have a great musical summer 2017. My family has already started, as you can see.


Summer 2017 Concert Dates



Sirius Quartet
Sirius Quartet will play Gregor Huebner’s award winning composition New World Nov. 9. 2016 and more original music by the quartet members.
Thursday, June 15 at 9:30pm

Club Bonafide in New York City

Friday, June 16 at 7pm
Gregor Huebner presents: Sirius Quartet at the Garage
463 West 150th Street
NY NY 10031
Doors open at 6:30. Concert at 7:00 pm
Complimentary wine
$20. All proceeds benefit the Band.
Please RSVP to ghuebner@me.com since there is limited seating.

Gregor Huebner’s New World Nov. 9. 2016 performed by Sirius Quartet. See this piece performed LIVE on Thursday, June 15 at Club Bonafide in NYC More >>



El Violin Latino in NYC
NEW DATE!! Sunday, June 18 at 4pm
El Violin Latino performs at the new Community Park on 152 St. between Amsterdam and St. Nicholas Ave

El Violin Latino in Europe
28.6 2017 Sonnenalp Ofterschwang
30.6.2017 Freudental Synagoge – 7:30pm Tix
2.7.2017 Korntal Autohaus Holzer
5.7.2017 Allensbach Seegartenkonzerte – 8pm Tix
6.7.2017 Langenargen Jazzclub Montfort – 8:30pm Tix


Einhalden Festival
July 27: Huebner Brothers feat Richie Beirach – Tix
July 29: Berta Epple – Tix

C.H.O.I.R. Concerts
August 10 Schloss Großlaupheim
August 11 Evangelische Stadtkirche Ravensburg 8pm – Tix
August 12 Theaterhaus Stuttgart 8pm – Tix
August 13 Bräuhaussaal Ochsenhausen

Recent Albums


Richie Beirach & Gregor Huebner
Live at Birdland

More >>


El Violin Latino Vol. 2 For Octavio iTunesAmazonHi Res
Violinist/Pianist/Composer Gregor Huebner infuses the violin with bandoneon & batá drums to create his second studio recording of El Violin Latino.

European Publisist:
Angelika Schindel


Monteverdi in the Spirit of Jazz – Various Artists Five tracks from Richie Beirach’s album “Round about Monteverdi” form the album’s connective tissue. More >>


PATHS BECOME LINES continues in the Sirius tradition of approaching the string quartet as both composers AND performers, and puts on full display the distinct yet cohesive compositional voices of the quartet members. Watch the video >>

US Publicist:
Francesca Raimond
FIR Productions
New York City