Gregor Huebner and Uri Caine: BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT

Pianist Uri Caine and violinist Gregor Huebner discuss their recent recording of an improvisation of Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony for the The Beethoven Pastoral Project.

The BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT invites artists around the world to establish a network and join forces, to make their own interpretations of Ludwig van Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony, and through their creativity shape a powerful statement about environmental protection and sustainable development – for a better world for all of us!

Ensembles and individual artist from around the world are invited to perform Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony on June 5th, 2020, the United Nations World Environment Day. Before this, they are asked to share their artistic engagement with this work on the project website, linking this to the objectives of the Paris Climate Change Agreement with a statement about the protection of the environment.

The Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, also known as the Pastoral Symphony is a symphony composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1808.

Video Credit:
Simon C.F. Yu
Miki Takashima, assistant