Internationally acclaimed veterans of contemporary music, Sirius Quartet creates unforgettable musical events that combine exhilarating repertoire with unequaled improvisational fire. The groups forward-thinking, genre-defying approach with collaborations in post-rock, avant-jazz and electronic music makes labels like New Music sound passé. Born and bred in NYCs downtown music scene, Sirius has performed at major venues around the globe. Having premiered works by the likes of Phil Kline, Uri Caine and Richard Einhorn, Sirius pushes beyond the conventional vocabulary of string instruments with bold, original works by its own members, incorporating improvisation, extended techniques and undeniable grooves. These conservatory-trained performer/composers shine with precision, soul and a raw energy rarely witnessed in concert. With their last album Colors of the East, Sirius Quartet puts forward the explosive, genre-defying compositions of violinist Gregor Huebner on full display. The title track is a piece inspired by Huebners own Romani heritage, rife with Balkan melodies and odd-metered grooves galore. Colors of the East sees the quartets ranks bolstered by the addition of accordion virtuoso Peter Stan and upright powerhouse Pascal Niggenkemper. Rounding out the album is Huebners String Quintet, a labyrinthine trip through the dissonant sound worlds of the classical avant-garde and modern jazz, and his New York Suite for string quartet, a homage to the city that Huebner has called home for the last 20 years; each movement a sonic snapshot of a different NYC neighborhood or locale. These pieces feature Gregors brother Veit Huebner on bass, and Sirius alumnus Mike Block on cello, respectively.