Become a Backer of Gregor Huebner’s El Violin Latino – Vol. 3: The Cuban Volume

Violinist/Pianist/Composer Gregor Huebner infuses the violin with bandoneon & batá drums to complete his third studio recording in his El Violin Latino project. This album will feature Cuban and Original Compositions. Become a BACKER of this project.


In 2010 the first El Violin Latino CD was released. In 2015 with crowd sourcing help I produced the second Volume.

All of you who helped create my second album El Violin Latino – Vol. 2 know about this process and stood beside me during all the excitement and hard work of this journey.

Since I recorded both CDs with a mix of Cuban, Argentinean and Brazilian music I would love to focus now on the music of each country more closely. I plan to release several more volumes,  starting with the music of Cuba.

I would love to invite some special guests to this recording including Edmar Castellanos on the harp, John Benitez on bass and the singer Yumaria from Curaçao.

In the world of music today the actual production is very important but the promotion of an album is equally important. As a musician of my generation you have to learn this the hard way and I think I did. My previous Indiegogo campaign was a great success, in terms of funding the project, as well as promoting it. This time I would love to use some funds to hire a publicist who is familiar with this field of Latin music and Jazz to get El Violin Latino to the next level of recognition.

After the release of the last album, we had amazing concerts and sold out shows in the US and in Europe. My music is played on the radio around the world from Australia to Japan, all over Europe, South America, Canada and the US. El Violin Latino has become a trademark!

I invite you to join El Violin Latino on our next journey to Cuba. I am very happy that I am able to play with my son Ysai and hopefully my daughter Naima will soon join us as well.

If you are already a part of the El Violin Latino family and have enjoyed my last productions please help me again to make this happen or become a new El Violin Latino member and enjoy the music of Cuba mixed with Jazz.