El Violin Latino Featured on World of Jazz

Bob Osborne’s World of Jazz is a weekly two hour radio show dedicated to covering the best in new releases from around the world. This week he featured El Violin Latino’s latest album, Los Soñadores, on 3 tracks of his interview.

Stunning new Cuban Jazz with a political message from Gregor Huebner, exciting new sounds from Alexandra Grimal and a focus on the work of Anna Webber dominate a show of mixed styles and emotions.

1. Gregor Huebner “Equinox” from El Violin Latino Vol. 3 : Los Soñadores (Zoho) 00:00
2. Alexandra Grimal “Meltemi” from Naga (Ovni Records) 06:38
3. Eave “Denver Bob” from Eave (Astral Spirits) 18:10
4. Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble “Fractured” from Polygon (Inner Circle Music) 22:43
5. Evan Parker, Paul G.Smyth “Baffled, Standing in the Air” from Calenture and Light Leaks (Weekertoft) 30:02
6. Gregor Huebner “Zapata Apretao” from El Violin Latino Vol. 3 : Los Soñadores (Zoho) 38:48
7. Anna Webber “Sleeping Is Giving In” from Percussive Mechanics (Pirouet Records) 45:53
8. Anna Webber “Washington” from Simple (Skirl) 53:48
9. Anna Webber’s Simple Trio “Rectangles 3b” from Binary (Skirl) 1:01:50
10. Anna Webber “Kore II” from Clockwise(Pi) 1:04:00
11. Atomic “Pet Variations: Pet Sound” from Pet Variations (Odin) 1:08:55
12. Jeremy Pelt “The Rodin Suite Pt. 1. L’Appel Aux Armes” from Jeremy Pelt the Artist (High Note) 1:18:10
13. Ken Thomson “Ice Breaker” from Sextet (New Focus Recordings) 1:25:58
14. Kirk Knuffke “Elephant Boat” from Little Cross (SteepleChase) 1:33:53
15. Matt Mitchell “Brim” from A Pouting Grimace (Pi) 1:39:24
16. Alexandra Grimal “Perseus” from Naga (Ovni Records) 1:47:05
17. Gregor Huebner “Tu, Mi Delirio” from El Violin Latino Vol.3 : Los Soñadores (Zoho) 1:54:53