EQUINOX performed by El Violin Latino

Equinox (John Coltrane) is the opening track of Gregor Huebner – Los Sonadores El Violin Latino Vol. 3.

“His album begins with Equinox, which is a through-and-through groove tune, arranged in a Cuban style, the famous John Coltrane number. It’s an opening salvo for how we can listen and learn from each other. The piece quickly opens into a solo section in which Huebner’s violin does the proverbial talking, cascading colorful lines and double-stopped notes …” — Kabir Sehgal, liner notes from the album

Gregor Huebner – electric and acoustic violin, octave Violin, vocals
Yumarya – voice
Klaus Mueller – piano
John Benitez – bass
Louie Bauzo – congas, bongos, quinto and caja
Jerome Goldschmidt – congas, bata, cachimbo and vocals
Ludwig Alfonso – drums

Recorded and filmed at Spin Recording Studio, Long Island City, NY October 10, 2017

Filmed by Okónkolo Films