Escape from Reality by Gregor Huebner – World Premiere

“Escape from Reality” composed by Gregor Huebner and performed by Orthrus: Fung Chern Hwei & Gregor Huebner, violins.

This composition was originally written for a German Violin Duo but somehow never got performed at that time. Fung Chern Hwei and I decided to record Escape from Reality now because its title fits our current situation pretty well. We’re all trying to find ways to deal with this unprecedented reality, and thoughts about escaping our own situations are prominent.
This composition features various extended techniques from the string instruments repertoire of all different styles. Escape from Reality is a constant switch from classical moods into jazz rhythms and improvisations. It is a defense action piece, using fantasy to avoid the problems and conflicts of our respective situations at the moment.
So escape with us! –G.H.