December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020

Gregor Huebner News

Dear Friends,
Greetings! I wish you all a wonderful time during the holidays and a fantastic New Year leading into a much better 2021.

Here is a video I recorded with the great brass quartet Tetra Brass in Munich a couple weeks ago and it’s the perfect music to bring this year to an end. It’s based on Bach’s choral “Es ist genug – It is enough.”

Here are some excerpts from the original text which pretty much describe the artists and many other people’s situation during this difficult time. I hope this gives everybody some hope. There is still music and creativity in this world.

Wie lang, wie lange muß ich sehnen? Wann ists genug?
How long, how long must I yearn? When is it enough?

In the New Year I am really looking forward to releasing “Pelicula” with my friend and colleague Gerd Baumann in Munich. We worked on this one for years and I am very excited about it. The album will be out in February/March on vinyl and as a digital download.

I am sure there are concerts coming again and there are many scheduled in 2021, but since all these dates in the first half of 2021 are uncertain, I will post them when we know for certain that they will happen in a new newsletter and on social media.

With Berta Epple we are doing an cultural advent calendar on Wednesday, December 23 at 19:00 German Time and 1pm EST. We will have an interview and show some great videos of music from our latest program and the Christmas program we have.
Once more, Happy Holidays and I see you hopefully soon in some live concert again,

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