October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021

Gregor Huebner News

Dear Friends,

A lot of things happened in the last almost 2 years and here are some samples and products of my creative work during this, for us artists, a difficult time:

Pelikula is a project together with the great film composer Gerd Baumann. It took us several years to create this wonderful recording and I am very proud about the final outcome.

During the cultural break I took part as a violinist in the movie Rotzbub which will be in theaters this winter and as a composer and musician in and for the documentary Der Fall El Masri which is still available on arte TV.

I was privileged to get some great commissions in the last 2 years which kept me writing, focused and sane.

Sirius Quartet recorded 2 new CDs for Parma records;
Playing on the Edge 2 and High Voltage Chamber Music

I know this is a lot of information, but I just wanted to get you up to date before my regular newsletters return.
Thanks for all your interest and trust in me and my music. I hope to see you soon at some live concerts again.


2021 Concerts

10.6 Berta Epple Die Rente ist sicher
10.9 Munich Composers Ensemble Club Milla

10.10. Friends Konstanzer Kirche Ditzingen
10.28/29 Progressive Chamber Musik Festival New York

11.10/11 Progressive Chamber Musik Festival Munich
11.12 Berta Epple Die Rente ist sicher
13.11.AireLatino goes Classic
21.11 Christof und Vladi Altmann: Im Land der Zauberer und Hexen
27.11.Berta Epple Biesigheim-Bissingen
28.11 Berta Epple Mauerwerk Herrenberg



In Memoriam

Two dear friends passed away during Covid, and I want to remember their musical genius; George Mraz, Jazz Bassist and Tango master Raúl Jaurena.

It was a great honor to work with them. They will be greatly missed, but their music endures.


George Mraz, Consummate Jazz Bassist, Dies at 77
For half a century, he was in constant demand, backing big names like Oscar Peterson as well as countless up-and-coming performers.

These photos were taken at one of our last concerts with Beirach Huebner Mraz in 2014.

Read NYTimes Obituary >>

Tango master Raúl Jaurena dies of coronavirus at 79

Uruguayan tango composer and bandoneon player Raúl Jaurena died in January 2021 from complications due to the coronavirus at the age of 79.
This photo of Raul Jaurena was taken at my second El Violin Latino recording session in 2015. More >




Pelikula: Gerd Baumann and Gregor Hübner
Available on Apple Music >

Sirius Quartet plays the entire catalogue to perfection

HIGH VOLTAGE CHAMBER MUSIC The latest album from composer
Jan Järvlepp

El Violin Latino, Vol. 3 – Los Soñadores

Order the album in the US from Amazon >>

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