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Dear Friends,

I had an action-packed spring. Now I am excited about the live shows, new compositions, videos, commissioned works, opera premieres and more happening this summer. I’m performing with Berta Epple, Richie Beirach, El Violin Latino, Sirius Quartet, a duo with Hector Martignon in NY, my Gregor Huebner Trio in Munich and a couple shows with the Arcogiani Jazz Streichquintett.

Berta Epple just released a documentary about our show Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet. It’s hilarious and enlightening, don’t miss it.

The premiere of my children’s opera, Deutschen Oper am Rhein is September 10, 2022 at the Jung Oper Urban. On September 24 we continue to celebrate Richie Beirach 75th birthday with a concert at Semper Opera Dresden.

Sirius Quartet performs Modern String Quartet Works including premieres of our own compositions at Carnegie Hall on September 30, 2022.

Join me for a live performance, watch a video, put the needle on a record or stream my music. Either way, enjoy your summer!



Gregor Huebner/Hector Martignon Duo

12.June Lartista NYC 5-6pm

Gregor Huebner Trio

23.June Bar Gabanyi in Munich 8.30 pm
Gregor Huebner – Violin/Piano
Jakob Jäger – Bass
Patrick Manzecchi –  Drums
Reservierung unter:


El Violin Latino

17.July Autohaus Holzer Korntal
20.July Sonnenalp
22.July Synagoge Freudental
23.July Lateinamerikanischen Dag Luxembourg 19:00

Park Brill (in Marner)

24. July Classical Beat Travemünde


Arcogiani Jazz Streichquintet

15. July 7pm in St. Clemens
Feldbergstrasse 54, Böblingen

4. August 7:30pm Christuskirche
Auf dem Roßbühl 10 Korntal


Richie Beirach 75th Birthday Celebration

Richie Beirach/Gregor Huebner
A Window on Jazz
Unusual artistic perspectives – Richie Beirach – Piano, Gregor Hübner – Violin
24. Sep 2022
8.30 pm
Semper Zwei,  Dresden

Berta Epple

19. June Eppingen Gartenschau
Berta Epple, “Die Rente ist sicher”16. July Autohaus Holzer Festival
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

28. July Einhalden Festival
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

3. August Seeufergelände Allensbach
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

5. August Herrenberg Mauerwerk
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

7. August Schlossgarten Oppenweiler
Berta Epple , “Die Rente ist sicher”

25.August Hoftheater Baienfurt
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

26. August Weingut Otto Grün
Berta Epple, “Die Rente ist sicher”

4. September Auferstehungskirche Roth Stuttgart
Berta Epple, “Die Rente ist sicher”

17. September Dorfgemeinschaft Bodnegg
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

21. September Stadthalle Eislingen
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

22. September Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Berta Epple, “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”


Sirius Quartet

New Directions Cello Festival
Smith College, Northampton, MA and via ZOOM

Sirius plays Gregor Huebner’s Cuban Impressions and his Conga Concerto featuring Jerome Goldschmidt


Sirius Quartet + Richie Beirach
Richie Beirachs 75th birthday celebration

Carnegie Hall New York City
Modern String Quartet Works including premieres of our own compositions



Children’s Opera Premiere an der Deutschen Oper am Rhein

Die Ge­schich­te vom blin­den Ver­trau­en

Hege Haagenrud / Gregor Hübner

Saturday 10 September, 11 am
Junge Oper Urban

Based on the legend of “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, the Norwegian choreographer Hege Haagenrud and the Munich and New York-based composer Gregor Hübner, who lives in Munich and New York, and dancers from the Ballett am Rhein search for contemporary answers to the philosophical questions of life. more >



Berta Epple’s new show “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”

Don’t miss the documentary about the new Berta Epple current show “Das Ganze Jahr Geöffnet”
Watch >


Richie Beirach 75th Birthday Celebration

Theaterhaus Stuttgart Jazz Fesival April 18, 2022
Watch >Photo by Jörg Becker


ensemble oktopus für musik der moderne – Hübner

Mitschnitt aus dem Konzert am 1. Februar 2022 in der Reaktorhalle Neue Musik und Improvisation – eine Zusammenarbeit mit der Jazz Institut der HMTM

Gregor Hübner (*1967) “Changing Times” (2021) für Ensemble
Watch >



Gregor Huebner – Piano Solo Preludes OP. 80

Listen to the album on Solo Musica
Apple Music

Listen to Prelude No 7 Lullaby on Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon.
Watch Lullaby
Composed and performed by Gregor Huebner
Video produced by Fung Chern Hwei

Hard copies of the new album can be ordered directly with me by sending an e-mail to: – 15 US$ or Euros + shipping

Inquire about licensing these compositions for VIDEOS or FILMS.



Great Review of Pelikula (Gerd Baumann Gregor Hübner) in New York City Jazz Records May 2022 issue!!
read >


Pelikula: Gerd Baumann and Gregor Hübner

El Violin Latino, Vol. 3 – Los Soñadores

Order the album in the US from Amazon >>

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