Berta Epple in the Casino
The pension is safe…

They have experienced everything in their 30-year stage career. In the flashlight storm of photographers and mobile radars they go their way undaunted. After appearances at world exhibitions, in French fries stalls, philharmonic halls and subway shafts, the three Epples discover with astonishment that they still are not millionaires.

On the contrary! A glance at the pension notice confirms their worst fears. To escape the impending poverty of old age, they are driven straight to the casino.

Here they believe they can raise the necessary capital to finance their third teeth. But because they don’t even know the difference between roulette and omelette, and because they like to confuse Black Jack with Jack Daniels, they put all their eggs in one basket!

Play, play, play!

As true artists on their instruments (piano, violin, double bass), for Bobbi Fischer, Gregor and Veit Hübner only MUSIC remains anyway. The trio draws wide circles as far as musical styles (Latin music, jazz, world music, chanson) are concerned, and in their songs they go into the depths of thoughts and motions that are all too often repressed.

It can’t be changed: the 3 Epples are hopelessly addicted to playing!

What luck!