The floating music venue Barge Music is a classical concert hall like no other. Parked just off the Dumbo waterfront, the tented boat features concerts every weekend, with free shows every Saturday afternoon at 4 pm. Notable upcoming concerts include a Beethoven String Quartet featuring Barge Music’s artistic director Mark Peskanov on violin, on June 16 and 17, and the Barge Music debut of the jazz band Endangered Heart Quartet on July 27.

Peskanov said he is especially looking forward to a unique group featuring Grammy-nominated violinist Gregor Huebner.

“On June 1 we’re going to have El Violin Latino — they are a very interesting quartet of a classical violin, piano, bass, and percussion,” said Peskanov. “It’s going to be a great concert and this is an example of a certain quality music we listen to on the barge.”

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