News While Sheltering in Place

Dear Friends, 

I hope you all are well and in a safe place. Many things have happened since my last news update. I am happily in New York City with my family, practicing the violin almost like when I was studying music and trying to compose.

It seems like a breather from all the crazy traveling, but it is also unsettling and I feel the future will be very different.

Music, theater, and art are so important during these times and that is why I keep on doing it to keep a balance in my life.

I hope you have time to listen to music you always wanted to hear or read a book or do some drawing instead of watching the news all the time, which can be tempting.

Wish you all this time to reflect and a way to deal with the reset.

I am trying to pull together some small musical postings, so stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram.

Surprisingly, a new CD of Sirius Quartet playing the music of Hillary Tann, arrived in the mail today. Listen to this new music, and find joy and support in all the arts!