Bernd Ruf: Thunderous Silence – Beethoven: Heiligenstadt Testament

Music film by Bernd Ruf

Ludwig van Beethoven loses his ability to hear and becomes deaf. Out of desperation, he asks himself the question: suicide or life? It is his faith in art, his belief in the power of his music to make the world more human, that keeps him alive.

Text Ludwig van Beethoven, letter to his brothers Kaspar Karl and Johann, Heiligenstadt, from October 6 and 10, 1802 (Heiligenstadt Testament)

Bust with large sphere, oak wood by Bettina
Thierig Jonas Nay – recitation
Danny Fresh – rap
Bernd Konrad Ilja Ruf The art:
Rabea Bode, dance

Sirius Quartet:
Fung Chern Hwei – violin
Gregor Hübner – violin
Ron Lawrence – viola
Jeremy Harmann – cello
Florian Galow – double bass
Bernd Konrad – soprano, alto and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Ilja Ruf – vocals, piano and clarinet
Bernd Ruf – soprano saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet
Sophie Kockler – clarinet