In a groundbreaking musical collaboration, the sounds of Sirius Quartet and Tetra Brass converge to create two unprecedented tracks, pushing the boundaries of traditional genres. Aptly titled “Henry Reloaded” this release represents a unique union of a brass and a string quartet, forging an extraordinary soundscape that transcends the realms of both jazz and classical music.

Henry Reloaded, written by Gregor Hübner, consists of three different layers of ideas. The first is a basic form and melodic structure composed in the style of Henry Purcell which is repeated throughout the piece. The second layer is a reharmonization of this melody which creates a whole set of new harmonic changes and the third layer is a free blues improvisation added above these two. All three together create the mystical mood of a New Orleans funeral.

Paths Become Lines was written in the fall of 2010 in preparation for a tour of the Sirius Quartet through Germany and Switzerland and was the first piece that Jeremy Harman wrote as a member of the quartet. Growing up splitting his time between cello and classical music, and playing guitar in metal and hardcore bands, this piece is an attempt to bridge the gap between those two musical worlds. The title of the piece came into Jeremy’s head as he was finishing the music, and he decided not to question it.

“I think of a path as something that is not clearly defined and may or may not have a clear beginning and ending, and a line as something very well defined, straight, certain. Everyone struggles with the idea of purpose and meaning at some point in their lives, and this piece is a reflection of that struggle.

Expanding the arrangement to include a brass quartet has given this piece a new life, and the wonderful playing and energy of our good friends from Tetra Brass have completely exceeded my expectations of what this piece could be.” (Jeremy Harman)

releases September 2, 2024

Sirius Quartet:
Fung Chern Hwei, violin
Gregor Hübner, violin
Sunjay Jayaram, viola
Jeremy Harman, cello

Tetra Brass:
Luca Chiché, trumpet
Aljoscha Zierow, trumpet
Christian Traute, trombone
Jakob Grimm, trombone