“It’s Time for Healing”
by Donna Mandarano/Gregor Huebner Duo

At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, my friend Dr. Abdulla Smith Ford gave me his poem “It’s Time For Healing.” He asked me to put it to music. I never knew how important the song would become, until now.

Donna Mandarano, a great singer living in Queens, with me on piano, recorded the song. It seems very timely, since this nation not only needs healing from a virus, but it needs healing after this crazy election and the divide of our society.

“It’s Time For Healing” by Donna Mandarano/Gregor Huebner Duo

Covid-19 is the enemy
An invisible enemy we cannot see
Don’t let viruses
Stop you from living and free
Together, we can break
The chains of negativity
People all over the world
Are suffering from Covid-19
Don’t you agree
Don’t you agree
It’s time for healing

People everywhere
Across the land and sea
Stand strong don’t give up
Please open up your hearts
Give what you can
Together as one
With the trust from above
We can overcome
If we put our faith in love
It’s time for healing (chorus 3x)

So please remember
We are all children from the Most High
Together, there’s no mountain
We cannot climb
It is up to you and I
Time to rise
Time for God’s light to shine
It is up to You and I
It is time to rise

Available on Bandcamp >>