Composers Now IMPACT – Gregor Huebner




IMPACT: Gregor Huebner

photo by Holger Keifel

Virtual Premiere
Thursday, November 4, 2021
12pm Noon
All IMPACT events are FREE


Get to know Huebner’s work:
Escape from Reality

performed by Orthrus
Fung Chern Hwei & Gregor Huebner, violins

Ich rufe zu Gott
for choir and violin solo (slow movement excerpt)

Composers Now announces IMPACT. Each installment in this series offers a composer the opportunity to reflect on one’s creativity, influences, pathways, and responsibility as a living artist in our ever-changing world. Designed for the virtual space, every session shares a composer’s essential thoughts directly with you, the audience, in the safety and comfort of your own place.

These commentaries, interwoven with performance videos and other materials, articulate a creator’s IMPACT.