November 2021 Newsletter

November 2021

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Thank you New York City! The 2021 Progressive Chamber Music Festival was a smashing success. The music was stunning, the venue was fabulous, and it was such an honor to be back on stage with two of my bands – El Violin Latino and Sirius Quartet.

It was an honor to present musical luminaries such as Kathleen Supové. Jennifer Choi, Mat Maneri, Craig Taborn, Randy Peterson, Curtis Stewart, Leonor Falcón, Juanma Trujillo and Billy Martin.

The Progressive Chamber Music Festival will be in MUNICH at Club Milla on November 10 & 11, 2021. We’ve got some wonderful musicians lined up.

Day 1: Fiona Grond/Interspaces, Sirius Quartet feat Joo Kraus + Veit Hübner, B-Parade
Day 2: FALLWANDER, Quartetto Barinetto, Munich Composers Collective

This Thursday, November 4 join me online for Composers Now IMPACT. I’ll be discussing my compositions and much more. It starts at 12 Noon ET, it’s interactive and it’s FREE.



Join me on Thursday, November 4 for Composers Now IMPACT. I’ll be discussing my compositions and much more.
It’s Free.
It starts at Noon ET.
It’s interactive.


Kammermusik des 21. Jahrhunderts – Progressive Chamber Music Festival 2021 in München in der Milla, 10. und 11. November Das „Progressive Chamber Music Festival“ sprengt die Grenzen zwischen Kammermusik, Jazz, Avantgarde, Folklore, Pop, Hip-Hop u.a. Genres zeitgenössischer Musik.

Wed 10.11.2021 at 20:00
Day 1: Progressive Chamber Music Festival 2021
Fiona Grond/Interspaces, Sirius Quartet feat Joo Kraus + Veit Hübner, B-Parade

Thu 11.11.2021 at 20:00
Day 2: Progressive Chamber Music Festival 2021
FALLWANDER, Quartetto Barinetto, Munich Composers Collective

Tickets and more info >


November 2021
11.10/11  Progressive Chamber Musik Festival Munich
Club Milla Munich
12.11   Berta Epple Die Rente ist sicher
Museum Hofmühle, Immenstadt
13.11   AireLatino goes Classic
Schloss Gaildorf, Gaildorf
21.11   Christof und Vladi Altmann: Im Land der Zauberer und Hexen
Theaterhaus Stuttgart
27.11  Berta Epple Biesigheim-Bissingen
Alte Kelter, Bietigheim-Bissingen
28.11   Berta Epple Mauerwerk Herrenberg
Theaterhaus Stuttgart

December 2021
4.12    Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Westend Vibes – Auferstehungskirche München
5.12   Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Stadthalle Hechingen
8.12    Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Theaterhaus Stuttgart
9.12     Berta Epple “Die Rente Ist Sicher”
Theater am Wall, Warendorf
10.12  Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
K9 Konstanz
11.12  Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Kulturwerkstadt Ebersbach
12.12  Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Kulturzentrum Gems, Singen
17.12   Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Lindenhalle Ehingen
18.12  Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Festspielhaus Simmersfeld
19.12  Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Kurhaussaal Bad Steben
22.12  Berta Epple “Unterm Baum”
Hofteheater Baienfurt
23.12  Christmas Night in Ulm
feat: Joo Kraus, Dieter Kraus, Adreas Gräsle, Veit Hübner, Gregor Hübner
Pauluskirche Ulm



Pelikula: Gerd Baumann and Gregor Hübner
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Sirius Quartet plays the entire catalogue to perfection

HIGH VOLTAGE CHAMBER MUSIC The latest album from composer
Jan Järvlepp

El Violin Latino, Vol. 3 – Los Soñadores

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